Studio Test

Since many of the musicians/singers that come into the studio get antsy when I show up with a camera and a flash, I decided to go take a few shots around the studio just to get an idea what the settings were if I fired the flash directly at the ceiling instead of aiming at a given subject. Aaron happened to be setting up at the time, so he served as my disgruntled model.

This setup simply serves to light the room enough to get a good exposure without having to have a shutter speed of longer than 1/100 sec. Nothing fancy, but this is handy to know and I guess I should’ve done it awhile back.

Studio Test

One thought on “Studio Test

  • February 20, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    microphone porn . .

    $0.10 to whomever can name the two mics in the picture.


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