Church Gig Practice #2

This was our second practice and went from 7pm-10:30pm. We were much more solid at this point and I think that helped our confidence.

For this shot, I set the camera on the podium and set a slow shutter speed. Don’t worry, that’s not the Holy Ghost at the bottom of the picture there. It’s just Jacqueline, who happened to be dancing by at the time.

Mark might say, “That’s no Holy Ghost, but it sure is a Holy Pain in My You-Know-What!”

Church Gig Practice #2

One thought on “Church Gig Practice #2

  • January 9, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    Just-Jacqueline-The-Unholy-Pain-In-The-You-Know-What? Hmpfff. Give a guy a gig and see how he treats ya?


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