As if I haven’t subjected you enough to my ringflash fetish (and subsequent Maxene fetish), here I’ll impose on you yet another test shot.

You see, my ringflash came with a diffuser attachment, as well as an attachment to hold an umbrella. However, I wanted to see what the main difference was in the exposures I got from each.

The diffuser is much simpler to attach to the ringflash than is the umbrella attachment. So, my reason for doing this test is because, if I’m ever in a crunch, I need to know what I’ll be losing if I go with the bare diffuser ring over an umbrella.

The picture on the left was taken with the ringflash firing through an umbrella. The picture on the right is fired through the diffuser ring. Both shots were taken at the same distance and with the same exposure settings.

The umbrella seems to do a better job of diffusing the light and making it softer, whereas the diffuser is a little more contrasty and keeps a harder edge on the shadows.

The differences are not drastic, and it’s more a matter of preference and personal taste as to which you prefer. But, I think this turned out to be a helpful exercise to me.


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