Whattaya call a drummer without a girlfriend?  HOMELESS!!!

I’ve recently come into contact with another photographer that I’ve spent some time with the past few weeks. We had planned a time to get together tonight and take some shots in the city at night. Only problem was there was some parade going on downtown, so we had to go elsewhere.

He had remembered coming across this bridge and thinking it’d be a neat place to get some long exposure shots. Granted, we were in a sketchy part of town, and this was proven by the two homeless guys we came across during our stay on this very bridge.

We felt comfortable enough with the situation to ask these guys if they’d like to have some pictures taken. I was really kind of surprised that they complied.

Since we needed a long exposure to get the traffic nice and blurry, we had to play around with the lighting a bit to get a decent exposure. We had two flashes on each of the homeless dudes (one lower camera left, one upper camera right). Since we had an 8 second exposure time, we fired the shot, told the guys to stand as still as they could for a full 8 seconds.

What you see here is the best shot of mine for the evening. My only regret is the lens flare that you see over his hands (as you may remember, I have a new polarizing filter, but I left it at home!), but I think the shot turned out nice regardless.

Whattaya call a drummer without a girlfriend? HOMELESS!!!

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