Fisherman’s Wharf

Today was our first day on our own with no chaperones. We braved the town and the $20 parking fees and headed out to Fisherman’s Wharf. This was a pretty neat area. The only downfall was that we’d gotten there so early and had a hard time finding a place that was open for breakfast. We finally happened upon a place called Joanie’s which is where today’s picture was taken.

We had planned to tour Alcatraz today, but all the tours were sold out. So, we went ahead and bought our ticket for tomorrow and journeyed onward.

We soon came to the cable cars which we rode to the other side of town and got off at Union Square. We did a little shopping and then set off for Chinatown, which is where the day started to get interesting.

There was a tunnel we had to walk through to get to Chinatown that had narrow sidewalks on either side. Traci and I happened upon this chinese lady that was walking slowly, so we edged our way around her. I wanted to get a shot of the back of Traci’s head walking toward the far of the tunnel. I pulled my camera up and quickly realized that the shot I had envisioned wouldn’t work unless we were both standing still. I was hesitant to do this because we’d just passed the chinese lady, so I just snapped a quick shot and then moved up to Traci’s side.

As soon as I did this, the chinese woman started yelling behind us. We both halfway turned around to confirm that she wasn’t being attacked. We saw that she was alone and Traci just wrote it off as her being crazy.

We emerged from the tunnel and were standing in Chinatown; we were the only Americans in the area. I stopped for a moment because I’d just received a text message from Aaron. The chinese woman then came out from the tunnel and started yelling again. This time, I realized she was yelling at me.

She starting pointing her finger at me and ranting something or other; the only phrase that Traci and I understood was “You piece of shit!” It seemed like everyone in Chinatown was looking at us at this moment. It felt like we were in a foreign country within our own country. The chinese lady soon passed on by and we lingered there for a moment longer, hoping to avoid another run-in with her.

Before that, we were both excited about Chinatown, but now we were just ready to get back to a comfortable civilization. We walked quickly toward North Beach and soon came to an O’Reilly’s where we stopped in for a beer and to settle down a bit.

We regathered ourselves and then headed toward Lombard Street (the “curviest road”) and then found a cool pizza place to get some lunch.

We soon found ourselves back at our car where we drove around town a bit and then arrived at Golden Gate Park. This was a nice little park area with a large selection of things to do, such as a rowboat pond, Japanese Garden, large windmills, and a flower conservatory. We didn’t really get to enjoy any of this because we found that practically everything in San Francisco is closed on Monday.

We met back up with Heath and Matt and had dinner at Fog City diner, then went out to Treasure Island to see the town at night. Below is a panoramic picture taken from Treasure Island. The picture takes you from the Bay Bridge (left) to the Golden Gate Bridge (right).

Fisherman’s Wharf

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