Halo Threeee

I managed to score Halo 3 over the weekend, but I didn’t have time to play it until today. Me, Jared, Bryan, and Derek met up to play through some of the main campaign in coop mode. And yes, it was awesome.

What’s even more awesome is how my buddies came to my aid when I needed it. Jared and Derek were the first to get the game, and they kept talking about how awesome it was and how I needed to get it. Seeing as how I don’t have tons of free time, and since my wife was hesitant to invest in yet another thing that would require me to spend even more time in the basement than I do already, I needed some help convincing her that this was a worthy purchase. I asked Jared, Derek, and even James (who didn’t own a 360 at the time) to write Traci an email pleading for her permission to let me get this game. All of these emails excellently written, so I have included them here for your enjoyment:


Derek’s Email
Mrs. Boswell,

I have sent you this email in an attempt to garner your ability to reason in situations that call for such.

Mr. Jared Holt and myself have purchased a game for the Xbox 360 gaming system titled “Halo 3” which has achieved one of the highest possible ratings of any game to date, regardless of platform.

You may find yourself thinking “Why do I care?” And I can’t say that I blame you. But let me tell you this: Mr. Holt and I need help. Help which your loving husband can provide.

Now you may find yourself thinking “But how can my Bo help?” Good question, Mrs. Boswell, I commend your scrutiny.

Microsoft has added a feature to the second sequel in the Halo Trilogy that allows up to four (4) individuals to participate in an online cooperative game mode in which the players can traverse the story mode together, gaming the gaming experience unparalleled. I understand video games are regarded by many as a colossal waste of time, but I assure you, there are many benefits, which I will list below:

1) Sharpening of hand-eye coordination

2) Out of the box thinking

3) increasing attention to detail

4) badassness improvement

As you can see, these are all positive affects that both Bo and yourself can benefit from.

Not to mention that if you do allow Bo to purchase this game, I will cheer for the Commodores (the football team, not the Lionel Richie led band) for the rest of the season.

Thank you for your time, Mrs. Boswell, and Godspeed.

Derek C. Myers Esq.


Jared’s Email
Derek and I need Bo to get Halo 3 so that we can all play together and have great cooperative fun!! Seriously, its a must-have game if you own a 360. If Bo gets Halo 3, I’ll be in such a great mood that I’ll even pull for Vandy to have a great season this year. 🙂


James’s Email

Dearest Traci,

I am writing to you on this fine afternoon in regards to the recently released XBox 360 game, Halo 3. This latest game is the final game in the trilogy and some would say the culmination of the entire series. As such, it is one that cannot possibly be left out by any fan or even casual player of the games. After the abrupt, and relatively anticlimactic ending of the second game, anyone who had reveled in the journey through both of the first two games owes it to themselves, nay, is required to complete the final game.

One of the major improvements in this latest installment is the ability to play cooperatively online. Previously, fux would have to gather together in one place in order to slaughter hordes of the covenant and flood. Now though, through the magic of XBox Live, they can do the same from the comfort of their own couch. Especially if it is bright red and totally awesome.

That is not to say that we never wish to get together to play anymore. Coming together for a gaming night will still offer a far superior and more enjoyable gaming experience, but online play will simply enable it more frequently, and allow those of us who might not be able to make it every time the ability to participate.

I realize that it may seem somewhat hypocritical of me to be pleading on behalf of Bo for permission to purchase and enjoy this fine game when I myself do not yet own a XBox 360, however, it is such an excellent and must-have game, that I would still buy it.. even without the console on which to play it.

Another benefit to getting Halo 3 sooner rather than later is that if purchased now, the “new” will have worn off by the time Rock Band is released next month and therefore Halo will not be competing as much for play time.


*This email paid for by the committee to convince Traci to let Bo get Halo 3.

I approve this message.


Traci’s response to all these, at first, was leaned harshly toward the negative. However, she did finally come around and allow it to happen. So far the game has caused no marital discord and James actually went out and bought Halo 3 first, then bought a 360.

So, thanks again to my friends for helping me out.

Halo Threeee

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