DIY Flash Gel Holder

DIY Flash Gel Holder

Since I’ve been shooting more with a flash, I’ve realized the importance of gelling your flash. You can buy little strips of gels to put on your flash to help balance out unwanted color casts from the existing ambient light.

I’m planning on making a tutorial about how to use gels on your flash so I won’t get into too many details here. To make the gel holder, I took a piece of transparency paper and formed it into the desired shape. The small piece that’s jutting out from the back can be inserted into the top of the flash (or held to the flash via rubber band) and viola, instant gel holder!


Laura Rich

I tried just bending a piece of stiff packaging plastic that some razor blades came in (you know the stuff I’m talking about…your have to get a box cutter to open the darn thig…) and it works like a charm too. Then just put a piece of sticky backed velcro on the top to hold it to your speed strap. Voila! This plastic stays exactly how you bent it and you get a gel holder that costs nothing to make and you’re helping the environment by reusing as well!


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