Crunchberries Taste Like Crunchberries

Crunchberries Taste Like Crunchberries

I wanted to play around with lighting tonight and try something similar to what was done here with mac and cheese. This guy is using a more powerful flash, has a silver umbrella (which is more reflective), and has a more reflective background altogether. I was having trouble getting a bright enough exposure and since I am planning on using this for some stock work, I wanted to keep the noise low and stay at ISO 100 and stay under a 2 second exposure time. So, I introduced a new light to the scene and that helped balance things out. It also gave me an obvious glare on the bowl, but these are the sacrifices that must be made.

I initially planned on putting popcorn in the bowl, but we’d just gotten done with dinner so I wasn’t hungry. I hated to waste a perfectly good bag of popcorn, so I went with some peanut butter Captain Crunch.

Below is the lighting setup that I used, which shows off some of my new lighting equipment.



Good question, Jared. I just set my shutter speed for a 30 second exposure, so I had plenty of time to put the camera in place after pressing down the shutter release button.


I used to love Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. .he was my friend. Now it’s just a bowl of poison balls.

Hi bo


is it rain in your house? or just have leakes in ur roof? 2 umbrealla!! AHAHh


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