Harry Potter Release Party

Tonight, we met up with the Murfreesboro gang at Maple Street Grille for a late dinner. Then, Bryan, Heather, and I went over to Books-a-Mil for the Harry Potter release party. We got there at 10:30pm and around 11pm, I was no longer proud to say that I was a fan of the series. I was glad when midnight came and we were able to get our books and get out of the hot, packed store. We were surprised to find that the line of folks extended all the way to Lowe’s.

I figured Bryan would enjoy seeing himself on the Piccal holding a Harry Potter magazine that he couldn’t seem to put down for the last hour we were in line. More pics below!

Harry Potter Release Party

One thought on “Harry Potter Release Party

  • July 23, 2007 at 3:53 pm

    That, my friends, is pure #%@^ing joy on my wife’s face.



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