Garage Door Disaster

Today was my much-anticipated appointment with the Periodontist. The appointment was at 8:30am in Murfreesboro, so I was due to leave the house before Traci.

My truck was parked outside, so I just opened Traci’s garage door to get to it. I heard a bang and then the garage door just stopped. The top left corner of the door came unattached from the roller, so the door was left sorta dangling in the air.

I called Traci down so she could get her car out of the garage while I held up the door. Fortunately, I made it to my appointment on time and was able to fix the garage door that night.

Basically, the door is supposed to be attached to the roller with two screws. This side only had one screw, and it finally gave out. So, I just remedied the situation with two brand new screws.

Don’t you just love old houses!?!

Garage Door Disaster

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