Rocker Chix

For those that know Traci, you know that she’s not big into video games. That’s something I don’t quite understand, knowing how competitive she is.

Traci moaned and groaned about me bringing my games to Destin this year, so I was expecting her to avoid playing these types of games at all costs.

For awhile, it looked like she was going to do just that; that is, until Derek brought out Guitar Hero. I don’t think Traci was intrigued from the get-go, but the more she overlooked our antics, the more the urge set in. She finally admitted to me that she wanted to give it a try, and she ever ended up getting Jen involved in it too.

After playing, Traci pretty much told me that Guitar Hero is what I’m getting for my birthday. That’s one gift idea that she’s had that I actually agree with.

Rocker Chix

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