It’s an HD Life for Us

I can admit that my frustration with Comcast has waned over time, that is until we recently received a letter in the mail promising a free upgrade to Digital Cable. I was intrigued with the promise that the price of our monthly bill would not increase, so I gave them a call. After remaining on hold for 35 minutes, I hung up and called back again the next day. I finally got through to a representative on my third call, after wasting nearly 110 minutes of my life listening to their on-hold audio loop.

I was more interested in HDTV than just regular ol’ digital cable. I asked the lady what it would take to get an HD box and she said $6.95 addition per month. I asked her this three times and $6.95 was the only charge, guaranteed.

So, I pull up to the Comcast office and request my HDTV box and the lady said she’d need a $100 deposit. This really didn’t surprise me, so I ended up walking out with just the free digital receiver that was mentioned in the mailer I received. I get the receiver home and hook it up, then I realize that my cable Internet is no longer working. I call Comcast, wait on hold for another 25 minutes, then finally get in touch with a tech support guy who has to update/reset my modem from their end. He said this was a common issue when people upgrade to digital cable.

A few days later, I talked to Blake who is currently employed at Comcast. He said that I’d get the deposit back after 6 months, so I informed Traci of this and decided to go ahead and get the HD box.

Today I went back to the Comcast office and requested the HD box. The lady said she just ran my credit and everything checked out, so the $100 deposit wouldn’t be necessary. I was ecstatic that I, for once, receive good news from Comcast.

I was even more delighted when I hooked up the HD box and then confirmed that my cable Internet indeed still worked.

So, we ended up getting a ton more channels, a digital receiver (for use on a secondary TV), and an HD box for only $6.95 additional per month. Not a bad deal, if I do say so myself.

It’s an HD Life for Us

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