I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

“I’ve made a huge mistake.” Ah, those famous last words. Mark said this tonight as he prepared to do the thing he’s planned on doing for so long…get up on stage a do a comedy act.

Mark and I have been to the Bar Car several times. Mostly, the comics aren’t that great. They ultimately resort to 6th grade bathroom humor about having sex with kids or goats, or shoving some large object up their ass. And then you have those who like to throw out the N-word–or, in tonight’s case, the “Nappy haired” reference. The end result is usually a mixture of slang, profanity, and sexual innuendos that get a few chuckles. Every once in awhile someone decent will get on stage and actually have a few good jokes to tell.

Tonight, everyone was bombing. It was to the point where the comedians started bringing it up habitually. They’d tell a joke, no one would laugh, then they’d blame us, the audience, for not laughing. They didn’t seem to understand that we weren’t laughing because they weren’t funny.

Mark was number 14, and around comic number 10 he looked over and said, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” It worried me that he was considering leaving, but fortunately he hung in there and ended up doing a great job on stage. It was nice to have a break to hear a PG-rated routine instead of watching a dude act out shoving a wine bottle up his anus. Which, coincidentally, did actually happen.

I videotaped Mark’s routine as well. Once I get it done, I’ll upload it if the filesize isn’t too big. As always, feel free to contact me if you want a copy of it.

Also, I would appreciate it if no one would make any clever remarks about the location of the beer bottle in today’s picture. I did the best I could getting this picture in such a low-light setting.


I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

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