Expired Tags

If you know my buddy Mark, you know he’s always getting himself into some kind of ordeal. Today, several folks from my work remembered that they hadn’t yet gotten their tags renewed. So, many of them went to get their emissions test at lunchtime. Mark was one of these people, but he owns a Ford product like I do. His Check Engine light comes on sporadically as well, as such was the case of today.

Unfortunately, the guys testing his emissions found that there was indeed a problem with his vehicle, so they failed it. So, he’s not able to get his tags renewed until he passes that test.

Leaving work today, I beat Mark out of the parking lot, and since we usually take the same route home, he almost called me to ask if he could get in front of me in case we saw a cop. He ultimately decided not to call, and eventually we encountered a cop.

I didn’t realize what all was going on until I looked in my rearview mirror and saw Mark pulling into a side-road with a cop pulling in behind him, flashing his blue lights. Like any good friend would do, I promptly turned around and took a pic of Mark’s misfortune.

Mark pleaded his case, but the cop had to give him a ticket because he’d already called in why he was pulling Mark over. The cop just said to get it fixed and then come to court and explain what happened. Then he wouldn’t have to pay the ticket. So, we’ll see what happens.

Expired Tags

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