Metzger’s St. Patrick’s Day Party

Metzger’s St. Patrick’s Day Party

How hardcore are we celebrating St. Patrick’s Day two nights in a row.

The way it works with my friends is that we plan parties and various other activities just so we have another excuse to hang out together. In this case, we weren’t necessarily celebrating the rite of St. Patrick’s Day, but rather just enjoying our time spent together.

We brought our Wii-motes plus our Xbox controllers in case we decided to break out Halo…which, unfortunately, didn’t happen.

The party was comprised of me, Traci, the Holts, the Metzgers, and the Canarys. We had chicken catered from Chik-fil-a, potato skins, chips and dip, and green kool-aid, which I forgot to try.

The gentlemen camped out upstairs and played Wii Tennis, Wii Golf, and then Bryan and Jared made a mockery of Sonic and the Secret Rings, which forced me to sell it the very next day.

Below are some more pics of the night. Enjoy!



I’ll take credit for Jeremy’s Mii…or avatar in Chy-speak.

When I started creating his Mii, I decided to shoot for Harry Potter instead. And by golly, it turned out to look just like Jeremy. Except, without the diabetes.


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