Stop Watch

This is all friggin’ Mark’s fault. The past few weeks, he’s been going on and on about how his beloved Mickey Mouse watch has stopped working. After taking it to a handful of placed to get the battery changed, it’s still not working. Last week, I mocked him by bragging about how well my handy Fossil watch has held up over the years. I’ve only changed the battery once since 1999. One time in 8 years, if my memory serves me correctly. That’s not bad at all.

So, of course, today I wake up and on my way out the door at 8:40, I notice that my watch is stuck on 6:10. Geez!

So, now I’ve either got to risk injury while prying the back off of this thing so I can replace the battery myself, or hunt down a shop that will do this sort of thing for me.

Stop Watch

2 thoughts on “Stop Watch

  • March 13, 2007 at 5:28 pm

    You guys have watches that run on batteries?



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