I’m not a big fan of the dentist. Everyone always says that they don’t hurt you, and if you go every 6 months like you should, then you’ll be fine.

I think anyone that’s said this is a big liar.

I went several years without going to the dentist. However, 6 months ago I was dragged to a local dentist who straight up gave my teeth hell. Afterwards, I was assured that all future cleanings would be much easier.

Again, the people that said this are big friggin’ liars.

I feel that dentists like to give me pain. I mean, sheer pain. They scrape and jab at my gums like I was unconsious, asking me questions while their hands, knives, prods, and jabbers are in my mouth.

In addition to all this, I was given the delightful news that I had an irregular receeding gumline (on tooth #25, #6, and #7), possibly due to the braces I wore earlier in life. So, they gave me a referral to a gum specialist who wants to take parts of gum from the roof of my mouth and mount it over the receding parts. Sounds like fun, eh?

Geez. I’m so glad I went to the fucking dentist!


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