Zepp on the Step

Zeppelin has always had a fear of steps. I think when we first got him, he had a bad spill down our steps while we were at work. Now he avoids them like the plague…or, in his case, the vacuum cleaner.

His fear of steps is, for the most part, going down them. He can make his way up steps just fine. However, he hasn’t yet attempted to climb up the new steps.

Tonight, we took him with us when we went to the credit union. When we got back home, I placed him on one of the lower steps, trying to encourage him to get in the habit of climbing them. However, he simply just sat there.

Both Traci and I went to the top of the steps and coaxed him upstairs, but he just sat there and looked at us, unmoving.

Pity finally set in and I went and got him, but not before I snapped this pic.

Zepp on the Step

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