Leaventide the Bonzai

Leaventide the Bonzai

Over the past few weeks, both Traci and I have read several online/magazine articles that stressed the importance of houseplants. I’ve never been big into plants, but since I’ve moved into my new office that has two big windows, I figured a nice little plant might fit nicely on the wooden stand beside my desk.

I’ve always kinda wanted a bonzai tree. I actually tried to grow my own bonzai tree back in my MTSU days with one of those “Grow Your Own Bonzai Tree” kits. I got a few sprouts to come up, but that’s about it. Around the same time, I also killed my bamboo plant because I put cardboard over my bedroom window in our apartment to keep sun from coming in so I could enjoy my afternoon naps more. But that’s a different story for a different day.

This past Saturday night, Traci and I went to Lowe’s and walked through the houseplant section. I found a little bonzai tree that I liked while Traci was looking at some big flower. When she saw my bonzai, she went and picked out one that was hiding in the back and looked healthier than mine. I was disheartened, and I think she picked up on it, so she ended up giving me her bonzai and I put mine back on the shelf to die with the other withering plants. Isn’t she the best?

So, here today is my bonzai’s first day at work. I’ve named it Leaventide the Bonzai. I’ll post a pic of it again when it dies…next week.


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Leaventide the Bonzai




You know, I did notice a strange decrease in spider sightings once I put up the cardboard. But no, the main motive behind doing that was so the sun would stop interrupting my naps.

Plus, around that time, dudes would come over and, after getting tired of knocking on our unanswered door, would resort to knocking on my bedroom window. So, it was also an effort to hide more efficiently from my peers.

This was a slightly secluded time in my life. And I won’t lie to you…I sometimes wish I could put cardboard over my door at work.


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