Box-Bo and the Attack of the Geeky Geek-Haters

When I got back from lunch today, I was startled by this creation sitting in my chair. Two large boxes of stuff I ordered arrived while I was out, so my buddy Mark decided to have a little fun.

Yesterday, Mark happened to be in my office when Chad, Aaron, and I started talking about Battlestar Galactica. He lost it when Aaron and I started talking about Baltar running his experiments on the humans to see if they were cylons or not; needless to say, he didn’t remain in the room for much longer.

Mark actually put some detailed work in this gag, as evident by this pic:

During our Battlestar discussion, though, Aaron said that he thinks that Adama and Roslyn had sex during the peace time on New Caprica. There was one episode where Adama visted New Caprica, and there was a scene that showed them laying down looking up at the stars, but they were fully clothed.

I never took that as them having sex. First off, this show is not shy to show some skin. Secondly, I think they would’ve made a bigger deal about it if something had happened. I think Adama and Roslyn have had that one kiss, and that’s it.

Do any other BSG fans feel agree or disagree with this?

Box-Bo and the Attack of the Geeky Geek-Haters

2 thoughts on “Box-Bo and the Attack of the Geeky Geek-Haters

  • February 23, 2007 at 8:36 am

    After watching the latest BSG, I think a hookup between Adama and Roslyn is definitely in the future.


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