I’ve Got a Picture of a Photograph

I’ve Got a Picture of a Photograph

Today, Traci and I went home to help the Turner’s pack up some of their stuff in preparation for the big move. I had to run by my place and pick up the trailer, and therefore empty out the stuff that inhabited the trailer at the time.

I hadn’t completely cleaned out my trailer since my last move from my apartment, so it was kinda cool seeing a lot of this stuff again.

One of the things I found was my final project for my photography class at MTSU. The final project was to attach our top 10 pictures from the semester to backing boards. The two you see here were my two fave from the semester.

The picture on the left was from our trip to the Jack Daniel’s distillery with Kim and Greg. My professor initially criticized the pictures I took on this trip, saying that all the pictures I took were “touristy pictures,” or, pictures that most anyone else would take. When he saw this picture, he said that he took that back and that it was actually a pretty nice picture since it seemed like the rows of bottles went on forever.

The other picture was one I took of Traci’s bamboo plant (given to her by Kim) against the window at her apartment in Antioch. My professor never said anything positive nor negative about this picture, but I liked it.



heh.. I did take the same picture of the Jack Daniel’s bottles… but it was at the same time, so that probably doesn’t count.


Ah, James, I totally forgot that you went on that trip too. I remember, you were a little late because you were trying to make a mix CD for the ride down.

I just forgot that was the same trip.


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