Wii Bowling Challenge:  Traci vs. Bo

Traci called me today and said, “The State of the Union speech is on TV tonight, so it’d be a good night to play the Wii.

And so we did! We first started off with bowling. And, as in real life, Traci defeated me. Just by one point, though.

We went on to play Tennis and Boxing, both of which I came out the victor. I wasn’t aware of how much movement a person actually made until I saw my wife playing this thing. In bowling, she made the full bowling motion. In Tennis, she actually ran into me at one point because she was trying to get her character to the other side of the court.

I’ll be honest: boxing was her weak point. Her hands were flying everywhere. I tried to give her a bit of humble coaching tips, but she wouldn’t hear of it.

I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m sure that’s what I looked like at first…I’m sure that’s what everyone does. It just adds another level of entertainment once you watch someone else play.

Of course, Traci only agreed to take the picture with the game that she actually won at.

Wii Bowling Challenge: Traci vs. Bo

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