I stopped by my local Cracker Barrel last night to pick up my fried chicken salad and while I was waiting I saw a bin of these cool little toys on the counter.

“It’s called a fidget“, the husky old lady behind the counter told me as I start playing with it.

“How much are you selling them for,” I replied, expecting $3.99 or something like that; obviously overpriced for a toy of this caliber.

“99 cents.”

So, now I get to show off my brand new $.99 fidget. And yes, I only got one. Only through the magic of digital editing was I able to achieve fidget-clones.


2 thoughts on “Fidget

  • August 19, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    We, too, are enjoying our fidget but have an ongoing family debate about how many possible configurations there are for the toy. Any idea?


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